Copper made green

Loop Hydrometallurgy

For the last 40+ years, halide hydrometallurgy has offered the prospect of cheaper, cleaner production of copper: from mineral concentrate to metal at the mine site. For the first time, the Halion Loop™ makes this practical.

Loop Hydrometallurgy has made a breakthrough that has the potential to redefine the industry cost curve for the production of copper from mineral concentrates and industrial wastes.

Halion Loop™

The extraction of minerals using halide liquors has been thoroughly investigated and proven to offer major advantages in low-cost, highly versatile minerals processing, with extremely low carbon footprint.

Loop Hydrometallurgy continues to innovate in advanced halide-based minerals processing. The Halion Loop™ employs mixed halides to extract copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, silver, gold, REEs and other metals from a broad range of concentrates, tailings and industrial waste materials. It operates at atmospheric pressure and less than 100°C, with no noxious gas emissions and no liquid effluents.